Happy New year 2K19 :):)
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Happy New year 2K18 :):)
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Our Amazing Reviews On Reddit !!:)
First order, Quick Delivery
I ordered with bitcoin, got the tracking number fast. Never had to contact customer service. Arrived quickly.
3rd time ordering
This time my order came to my US address in one week. Excellent service.
2nd Time Buyer - in the middle of a bitcoin transfer for a 3rd time sell! Great product!
This time I decided to have a taste of the market and choose a bit of everything instead of what I know with their $75 bundle deal. When I clicked order, I ended up endlessly refreshing blockchain to see exactly when the payment is verified. Turns out verification can take a little while.... They don't give you that 90 min window for nothing, if its a busy day verification of your transaction can take over an hour, so plan accordingly. This is not controlled by Afinil and payments should be done early in the morning so you get your day of processing without running over and ending up a extra day late because the transaction took too long to verify. 20 minutes after the 8th and final verification needed to process the transaction (quick enough for me) I got the email stating that the order is being dispatched. I got the tracking number for it and told dispatch can take upto 12 hours before being checked into a carrier. (image of confirmation) This whole process here is why I suggest you get your order done in the morning as dispatch has previously been able to distribute the products to the carriers in the same day as the payment, reducing your waiting time, but keep in account Indian time zones. Just over a day later the tracking number was activated and a flood of status of the location of the product. The tracker they provide you is pretty simplistic and easy to use, here is a partial of the tracker but the rest has sensitive information on it and not shown, but you get an idea of what information is provided to you during the delivery...... *5 DAYS AND A COUPLE CUPPA TEA'S LATER* yay it's here! it seems the only criticism I can offer is the packaging... I don't know how everyone else feels but I almost lost a pack of WAKLERT (they are really, really small tablets) from my one of everything deal, due to the coating of bubble-wrap coating the postage. But I am not a (complete) moron and counted before discarding the postage and found my missing packet in the corner hidden (package is tight and small so easily done.). Here are some pictures of the packaging after I already tore it open.... my bad: Front, Front 2 ,Back, bubblewrap blackhole unless ripped apart Overall the generic packaging is not that great, I'd love to have your logo or some sort of branding on it but as its being tracked allowing you to know its in that van that turned down your street and is about to be handed out, you can assume that the product received is actually what you ordered (from carrier to you). Wakelert is amazing to get out of bed with, or even gain a boost of energy doing course work over a long night, it does indeed give you boost in stimulus making the tired feeling numb and eventually un-noticeable once it kicks in. This for me boosted my activeness generally throughout the day, it does not give you any drive to motivate yourself or have a heightened sense of focus as you would from Modvigil.... I need focus! Okay so, before I continue. Please follow their guidelines on the amount to take and how often to take. They say 1 pill a day and honestly that is fine, Taking one after doing a all night study session is not a good idea... It's crazy how much your body relies on sleep to even operate normally. Make sure you record the last time you took a pill so you don't take another one too soon. I legit forgot I took one 20 mins ago because I was focusing on my work and saw them on my side and thought "hmm, lets try one and focus" accidentally taking two basically made nocturnal ~~~~until they wore off.... Artvigil, for me, did not work. Although it did achieve on making my pee smell like " a brewed tea left in the sun too long." It could be I have a lingering after effect after taking modvigil and modalert that the effects don't seem to be apparent to me but in reality they help a lot..... or just doesn't work, I will test the slip of it later in a different review or added under this one. #rip Just a heads up, if you are retarded like me and don't pace yourself, you will get the obvious symptoms like constipation and headaches but last about day. Still don't over do it tho because your experience will differ! Conclusion I liked their bundle, it showed me what I will enjoy without paying too much for the privilege of shipping it over. I won't get it again because I will properly stack up on Modvigil & Wakealert which have become my favorite product of theirs. If you are taking this, with or without a bundle deal you need to pace your digestion of these tablets. I assume you are people like me who want to use the pills to study and aim higher in academics or even physical activities, take a rest day. for real. I understand the cost effectiveness of having generic postage but it is literally cardboard stuffed with bubble wrap and small items can get lost. Even a corporate brand or logo printed on the front instead of this would be greatly appreciated!
1st time buyer
Order arrived with out a problem much faster than I expected. Already placing a second order.
Another happy customer
[I've never directly posted on reddit before (just commented and mostly lurked), so I hope I'm doing this right.] Hey, just wanted to say thanks, and you guys kick ass! Also, for the folks out there in interweb-land looking for a source for modafinil, these guys provide prompt service for an appropriate market price. They are for realsies, as the kids say. If anybody wants to know if I'm a legit customer, feel free to send a PM to me. it'll be alright, there's a fire on the kettle tonight
1st Time Ordering Afinil Express
Very pleased with first experience ordering from Afinil express. There was a problem with my bitcoin payment, but they were very responsive to email & got it sorted. I was also initially worried about the legitimacy of the website (having never ordered modafinil and hearing some stories about fake online pharmacies), but I received my 1st delivery today about 2 weeks after ordering with no problems! There was a tracking number as well, so I could follow its progress and it was well packaged. I'm sure I'll be ordering from them again.! :)
2nd Order
great service at good prices
Very impressed!
This is the first time I've ordered from here. Talk about such a pleasant surprise to have it at my door in less than two weeks. Awesome!
Yes, we can!
I ordered the trial pack on the 24th of April, paid using bitcoins, got my shipment updates every few days [you can check it through the link provided in your order email], and finally got delivery on the 8th of May. So... I am very happy with the service and speed of delivery to the UK - about 2 weeks. Packaging is excellent, discreet, sturdy and not giving away what could possibly be inside. [even when I grabbed it for the 1st time, I was like, what? it must be empty, sh#t, I wasted time and money - but when I opened it, kaboom! head-shot! - nicely done AfinilExpress!!] Recommended vendor. Will come back for more soon... In a few hours the testing begins... [I'll put some pictures later...
Keep Calm & Mod-Up!
Well you did it again! I just received my 3rd order from AfinilExpress & these guys just continue to rock! I don't think I've ever had such amazing service from an online company before & I am a previous Supply Manager for an online company. These guys really have it together! Thank you AfinilExpress for your ever-reliable, precise, courteous, consistent & wicked fast service! DAMN you guys are fast! I've had orders from companies here in the states take MUCH longer to process & ship an order to me & they're only a few hundred miles away! All 3 of my orders arrived 6-7 days from the time I submitted my order. Your product is always excellent quality & I'm also extremely grateful for the discount you give to returning customers. You guys give me so many reasons to never even think of trying any other Modafinil website! So glad I found you guys & thank you again!! You have a loyal customer for life!! Keep Calm & Mod-Up
Impressive service
Got my 200 pills of waklert this morning. I gotta say I'm impressed with these guys. Shipment came in 5 days From India to Sydney. Packaging is very discreet and orderly. Awesome customer service and top product. Will do business with again.
5 days!
Got my order in 5 days! India to Washington, that's pretty good. 5 stars guys. Mod alert also top notch, gets the job done!
Positive overall experience, Thank you AE & redditors. here is my experience.
Thank You Afinil express and REDDITors. I wasn't new to modafinil, but was to the online ordering process. My 1st order was placed on April 15th for 50 Artvigil. I used Bitcoin, as i trade it occasionally. (one should become familiar with Bitcoin if they aren't already, its being used in a lot of places now a days). Used my real information, (in case i wasnt home and i had to go to the post office to show id to pick my package up.) ordering process was easy. Got my tracking on Monday the 17th, when they shipped it out i presume (so dont expect a tracking # instantly). In total the order took 2 full weeks to get to my mailbox and I live in Phoenix AZ. Tracking was helpful. It showed it in Mumbai for 6 days, till the 23rd, (it was on its way to america), then held up at customs for 5, till the 28th, (i hear they are short staffed), then all the sudden at NY postal Jamaica to Phoenix usps, to my mailbox in about 24 hours. I got exactly what i ordered. artvigil in blister packs. 5ct x 10 per pack. I am noticing that the pills themselves, although they look the same, are softer and easier to break in half. ( not sure what to make of it, i used to get artvigil from my roommate, he claims it was bought in mexico...not sure) Monday ill try a full normal dose on a clean rested system and report my experience about the quality of the product. I know there are a lot of companies out there to pick from. ultimately it came down to the reviews i read on REDDIT, the price, and the return policy. Start with a small order. know that it will take some time. As far CUSTOMS; i hear NY isn't much to worry about other than they are backed up and shorthanded. However San Francisco has a reputation for seizing orders, especially 200+ size orders. (this could be attributed to the stealth of the package, or identical patterns, the customs folk become wise to. IDK.) The package was small. No pills were damaged. my 5 blister packs came in what looked a new CD would be shipped in, all white cardboard-ish type square envelope with a flap that come down over top to seal it. The order does have to be signed for. There is some Indian verbiage on the package, so in case you need to come up with a reason as to "what in the world did you order from India"? you'll have been forewarned.
The new standard
My order got here so fast I thought they personally flew it to my house. Keep up the great service.
Submitted by ROH on April, 28th 2017
Finally, Some Good News to Write About:
As an owner of a business consulting and professional writing firm, short notice projects with impossible deadlines and working long hours are not the exception they are the norm. We are continually honored with last minute top secret releases of new auto models that need 20,000 original and exciting words completed over a weekend and also extended the pleasure of launching branding campaigns that are required to materialize from thin air and be ready for a press blitz in less than a day.
Success is Great - But Only In Moderation:
During the first decade, youth and excitement were able to help grow the company and land those hard to please clients that make the difference for expansion. Grinding into the third decade and helping my son take over has been an entirely different story. With a bigger team comes greater drama exactly like a better reputation for hitting targets brings in the best clients.
Technology has flown by so fast that it makes our heads swim and now more than ever people need to be heard and have their messages delivered instantly. Reacting to a stain on a company web image is not something which needs to be completed in days but every minute with an ugly and visible blemish can cost thousands or millions in lost revenue. Our team has to be plugged in 24/7 to maintain our edge over the competition. The more success we experience, the higher the tax charged to our minds and bodies.
Our Mission to Revitalize the Team:
It is probably a clear sign that your staff might be overworked when you come into the office at 4 AM and find two members assigned to finish a deadline with five empty energy drinks on their desks sound asleep on the floor. The shame which comes over you when you realize that your team members, who are more like family than employees worked two days straight setting phone alarms to grab and hour of sleep when they could make guilt seem like a superficial word. The project they completed, was some of their best work but there had to be an easier path for them.
Let There Be Beans:
To try and reduce the usage of energy drinks we tried fresh coffee ground from our specially devised gourmet flavors. Our staff was not only aware of some of the controversial side effects from overusing several energy drinks, but we also wrote about it in press releases. We created unlimited coffee with so many blends of fresh beans it was ridiculous. The coffee was awesome, and some of the flavors we came up with should be made available to the general public.
We only had a few major side effects: grouchy, bitchy, jittery, edgy, if those were new names for the famed seven dwarfs we had those and several more. Not only was the team about ready to rumble with each other clients were sending emails worried about the staff being overworked. Now when your main advantage over the also-rans who try and compete with you is the fact,your team sits “chilly” and delivers every single time with what appears to be not only flawless, but effortless precision “meltdown alerts” are not supposed to come from top clients. If that was not enough of an ugly plot for a screenplay, there were more lines marching to and from the bathrooms than on the field at a drum and bugle competition.
Other Desperate Attempts:
We enforced no smartphone, no laptop no tablet, mandatory getaways for short and even weekly vacations. Staff members either broke the rules and secretly contacted each other with questions about projects or came back to a mountain of forest fires to put out that made them regret ever leaving for the beach or mountains. I have never had to send anyone off to prison like a judge, and I am happy about that, but when someone is leaving on a plane for a luxury trip in the morning, they should not have a look as if they were being sentenced to solitary confinement.
Massage people, yes I’m not ashamed to admit we had the people come in a couple of times a week and do the little mini-massage things right at people’s station. Some of the team embraced it while others had the same look in their eyes as the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz when those flying monkeys started pulling him apart - they just wanted the rubbing to stop and the work to begin again. I have the bravest and brightest team of creative soldiers in the consulting industry, but there was nothing any of us could do to keep from crashing and burning.
Movie Time and a Bit of Magic:
So we started having movie time for those who were knocking out too many hours to count back to back. We set up some comfy theater seats and a huge screen and made it where people could order movies or tv shows online. We had a Vitamix and fresh fruits and veggies so they could “health up and watch away." We didn’t even need to set up an honor system because everyone was working so many more hours than is usually healthy that it was not an issue. Unfortunately, the staff was falling asleep during movie time, and that made things worse.
One of our youngsters fresh out of school brought up what seemed to be a ridiculous idea one morning in a staff meeting. When you are old and desperate, and your team seems to rock beyond belief but you just know they are running on fumes there is a moment when “ridiculous” and “what if” happen to collide with each other and something bigger than all of us put together happens. The kid says “what if we could be like Brad Cooper and just take a pill, ” and the gears started turning. The topic went viral in the office, and everyone was coming in for one on one’s with me to suggest drug usage.
We Just Said NO and Refused to Dilute Brilliance:
When your staff is willing to start taking amphetamines to help stay ahead of the workload it makes you feel rather small as a person. Our group was prepared to take shots of b12 with a needle, or whatever they could come up with to stay focused. So let me get this right, we are actually thinking of adding a segment to our morning where we inject each other with vitamins through a hypodermic shot in the shoulder.? Omg! There was just no way.
Hiring great minds is not easy and to be completely frank geniuses just do not grow on trees. We group interviewed after our HR person screened potential candidates and our adding new players was pacing at about 114 interviews per team member. You are only as strong as that weakest link, and there is no way any of these champions would bring in substandard help and let their reputations slide just to get a little relaxation. At that pace, in 11 years we would have been adequately staffed.
It took a long time to build, and they were over-marched and under-rested, but my team never fled from a single assignment and refused to admit defeat. We did not have the time for interviews and that even made it tougher. I knew if we did not come up with something fast they would keep grinding away until they started to drop over one by one and each one of them was too precious to me for that to happen.
We Went Limitless:
So what do writers do when they are trying to learn about something? You would think we would have stumbled onto the fact that the movie that inspired our willingness to “guinea pig” ourselves to shots and speed would lead to the actual revelation of a drug known as Provigil. Writers have a tendency to gather information only from each other, sad but fact. People wonder why so many fake news stories break; it’s because there is only a small group of trusted sources and when that small circle is tainted watch out!
We did not make the connection from the movie until we hired someone who listed the information on the drug screening. Our HR person said, “what is that?” So here comes our rookie, the one who is going to be grinding the coffee and chopping up the veggies for our smart drinks and this little fella has chops. People don’t just step into a shark tank of crazy-smart minds and escape being savaged a few dozen times - it’s a lovingly conducted exercise of acceptance. This kid not only had more shine than those fake rings on the shopping channel - he delivered a critical problem-solving beatdown to our best and brightest right out of the chute.
Discovering Fire and Figuring Out How to Use It:
As an owner of a firm, I’m not supposed to endorse anything that people might ingest to make them perform better, and I’m never allowed to formally support taking any pill, drink, injection or anything like that. Our legal lioness tells us not to do stupid things that expose us to liability. Yes, we call her our “LL” for Legal Lioness - because she never leaves anything behind during litigation except for corporate carcasses of those who tried to poach our work with a check attached to them. She does not officially carry a wallet, but if those robbers in the movie Pulp Fiction went into the huge bag of stolen items, her handbag would have the same message stitched on it as Samuel Jackson’s billfold.
So I set a meeting with the new kid and LL, and he showed up and appeared nervous as one of those people of questionable occupations in a Sunday Mass. So the first thing we explained is that he was not in trouble, but we needed him to unofficially help our team to become a bit morebad-ass officially. LL explained that we just wanted him to share with the team individually and confidentially what, if anything he might or might not be taking that led to him jumping straight into the fire of one of the most innovative and creative thought tanks of people ever and handing them all lessons in humility. He proceeded to show us fire and then explained exactly how to use it.
For the Record:
I can’t confirm or deny that my staff allegedly chose to contact Afinil Express. I will invoke the Fifth as to whether or not a person named Roh might have been the most significant business contact my team has ever made. As I explained earlier anything I might say could be considered a liability, but sometimes you just have to write about things that can make a difference in people’s lives.
Writers are supposed to write about things that mean something and share a message that comes from their heart and in our world today that just does not happen. Most of the time it is not because of liability issues or limits, but it is because they have forgotten to care about the people who hang on every word they write or say as if they are morsels of wisdom. Mostly those written and spoken media messages are cheap attempts at manipulations based on their personal agendas. If messengers would take only moments to help and eliminate the hours spent trying to hurt it would certainly help ease the pain of our society.
How To Win - A Message for Everyone Including Competitors:
I can state publicly that I personally chose to get a ticket on the Afinil Express and after my experience with Modalert life has become an entirely different experience. I’m not saying that my staff did the same thing because that would infringe on the appropriate distance between employee and employer. All I am stating is that sleep is great, I’m never jittery like coffee or energy drinks, and I would spend less time in the bathroom if I didn’t have to drink all of the fruit and veggie smoothies because I’m just old, there is no graceful way of saying that part. People say there is no “miracle pill” and I agree with them. However, I recognize a significant edge over my past performance.
I’m not experiencing any miracles but the fact that I can personally crank out what used to take five days in about 30 straight hours and then sleep like a baby certainly does not make me angry. Being able to look inside my mid-fifties mind and see information stored like a file cabinet and retrieve what I need has saved time and increased accuracy over stopping to ask Siri or Google or any of the other voice activated helpers including staff members. My work is at its peak, and some concepts and ideas seem to come out of nowhere that are nothing short of amazing.
Sometimes Sharing is Both Privilege and Obligation:
Genius is an overused word, and over the years when I was given that complement I have always just said “thank you” and went on about my day. I have shared my ticket on Roh’s trainthat keeps finding new destinations with the owners of the companies who we compete with on a daily basis. Winning for my team is just as easy as it always has been - not because I am some great leader, but I just have been lucky enough to stumble into the best people. The major difference that may or may not exist because I am legally unaware of such in my office is that less is more. Three-day deadlines seem to be like that section of the store with “buy one get one free, ” and they are finished in about half of the time it took previously. Clients are finding that their new car models are represented to be faster and stronger, and even class action attorney firms and pharmaceutical companies are coming across as friendly in the public eye - that part might actually be a miracle.
With Love,
one of your customers :).
Submitted by ROH on April, 7th 2017
After working in an Auto assembly plant for more than 20 years staying awake and alert are the only way to be safe. Remaining focused on the line can literally make the difference between going home at the end of the shift or spending time at the Emergency Room getting stitched up or even worse. With the switching of shifts from days to nights and then back and forth from time to time it is almost impossible to get enough rest to keep going. I was starting to feel desperate and had to do something fast.
When I found myself using up vacation days to try and catch up on sleep, I realized I had to act before the fatigue affected my family life. I am not an expert like the ones on TV, but I know if my wife and daughters aren’t happy, nobody's happy. A few of the people I work with were talking about the Limitless Pill like from the movie, and we wished that we could take one of those to make the job easy. In the rural Midwest we end up doing a lot of hoping for better things, but nothing seems to come of it.
Since I am considered the “internet guy” at work, they asked me to check and see if there was anything that we could find to try to keep up with the crazy demands of long shifts and time changes. Energy drinks just made us jittery, and we had to take too many bathroom breaks, and straight caffeine made us as irritable as all three of those bears that traumatized the little blonde girl in the story books. I started my homework for our team of chronically tired auto-making zombies and found out that the “Limitless Pill” was something called Modafinil or Provigil. Lots of people were taking it for help with studying, working, or even symptoms of over-tiredness from conditions like Narcolepsy and Sleep Apnea. What I read sounded too good to be true and to say I was skeptical might just be the understatement of the year.
I had searched multiple sites and found only a handful that offered the products that seemed halfway legitimate. Some of the websites were pretending to be online drugstores, and they had catchy names with RX and prescription-sounding jargon. After reading reviews, I narrowed my search down to two sites, and I sent emails to both of them explaining my mission on behalf of my sleepwalking assembly posse. One of the two seemed very professional but almost “clinical” in a weird sort of way. Then I got an email from Afinil Express and somebody named Roh. Roh seemed more interested in asking questions and finding out how to help with our situation more than just trying to sell me something. We put together an order for the group, and I didn’t even need to hold my breath or cross my fingers because I just knew I could trust the “train” as they called it.
Now I’m not one to go on about stuff, and I’ve never actually spoken out for anything other than a few sacred topics like barbecue and beer, but now that my team of tool-toters has been using Modalert for a couple of months I have to write in and tell people. Most folks are just like we were, desperate and worn out but too scared to try something new and way too nervous about trusting someone overseas to send us anything. Like it said on the site at Afinil Express “to know something for certain you need to experience it.”
I can’t describe what we are experiencing at work or how I am different at home with my family, but whatever it is I’ll take it. I have tons of energy but never feel “jumpy,” I’ve lost about 5 pounds but still need to shed another 20, just because I get so focused I don’t crave any snacks. The pranks and joking around at work are back just like when we were all young and full of vinegar, and I even tried helping my daughter with her math the other night. I figured it would be like Brad Cooper and I would know everything, well so much for that part, but everything else is tops. It took a leap of faith to buy a ticket on the Afinil Express, but now that about 40 of us are regular passengers on that locomotive I can tell you one thing for certain “that train’s on time.”
With Love,
one of your customers :).
Submitted by ROH on December, 20th 2016
It's a New Year....its a new beginning.... If your resolution this year is to be amazing at whatever you do and save money while you're at it.... We've got the perfect discounts and the best boosters for you..... Its snowing discounts on the Afinil Express this New Year!!!
Get Flat 35% off on purchases made through bitcoins.
Get a flat discount of 20% using the code 2K17
Offer valid till the 20Th Of January!
So come aboard the Afinil Express and save money while you're at it.....
Roh and the Gang
Delays with USA shipments
Submitted by ROH on December, 7th 2016
My Lovely Friends...
Lately there's been a lot of conjecture and discussion on the current delay in shipments from India to the USA. We like all other websites have received various complaints of shipments only showing the "Origin Preparing Shipment" status... I would like to clear the air about this once and for all... Yes the US port is experiencing delays since the end of October resulting in shipments showing no movements at all. On conducting a thorough investigation with our shippers in liaison with the post...We've found out that the delay is actually on the US Port end. All our customers shipments have been shipped on the very same day we received the orders, however the shipments are still awaiting entry into the US Port offices for processing and clearance. Our shippers are in constant touch with the Indian Postal Authorities and the USPS as well. We've come across sufficient evidence from the USPS end that the hold is on their end. This is a result of Ground Staff Shortages due to excess load of incoming shipments in this holiday season and the current weather in the USA is not allowing smooth operations. This is a temporary situation and they US authorities are currently working on getting pending batches cleared as I write this.
We have also come across various discussions on reddit and elsewhere calling us scamsters and what not. Firstly, I request our customers that if you ever have an issue with the shipment, the delivery and the service please contact us on [email protected]... We always reply within 18 hours and we're always happy to help you with whatever your issue is. We've reshipped most of the shipments that were delayed due the above mentioned issues and refunded many of the orders as promised as well. I would like to reiterate that this issue isn't particular to Afinilexpress, it is an issue hampering all shipments From India. All the Modafinil vendors shipping from India have been affected. Our competitors are trying to tag us as scamsters when they themselves aren't currently able to ship successfully from India due to the current issue. We have made refunds whenever our customers have claimed them and we have reshipped many shipments without question. Our business integrity remains the same and we aim to provide the best possible quality of services.
We've been assured by the Indian Postal Authorities that the current pending backlog will be cleared by the US Postal Services within the next 2 days. If you're facing the USPS delay on any of your orders shipped by us beyond the above mentioned couple of days, let us know and we'll have it reshipped asap.
We've given our hearts and souls to this business and we're in it for the long haul.....
Roh and the Gang
Submitted by ROH on September, 28th 2016
Hello to you my friends, Just like newborn babies, our baby afinilexpress is experiencing certain teething problems with the Credit Card Processing. We apologise for the inconvenience cause to the many of you and we assure you that our team of professionals is working on getting these issues ironed out. The primary cause of this mishap is the Credit Card providers(Banks) blocking the transactions for security reasons, since they originate outside your location. Its a common issue and can be easily resolved by you contacting the credit card customer care and asking them to release the restrictions. It would be even better if you try opting for payments by bitcoins. Its clean, convenient and devoid of these issues. We apologise unconditionally to everyone who’s had issues getting their transactions through. We hope to have you all onboard soon and endeavour to serve you now and always.
With Love,
All aboard the Afinil Express!!!
Submitted by Team AfeX on September, 27th 2016.
Greetings One and All, We've finally commenced our journey in the Modafinil Shipping domain with Afinil Express. We're all set to go... Serving your Modafinil needs one smile at a time. It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you Modafinil connoisseurs aboard the Afinil Express. We guarantee quality products at competitive rates and express delivery. As a mark of our welcome and appreciation, we're offering all our customers a flat 10% discount on all your orders. The discounted rates can be applied by using the discount code " AFEXCHECKIN " on your check out once you've completed the ordering process.
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